What is Geocaching And How to Play

Geocaching is a worldwide, outdoor recreational activity that is played worldwide.

It involves participants hiding caches for others to find, just as any other treasure hunting game.

The hidden treasures are held in geocache containers.

To play the game, use the geocaching app and a GPS device to navigate to the locations where the treasures are hidden.

Today, there are millions of geocaches hidden in 190 countries and waiting to be discovered.

Basic Equipment For Geocaching

After answering “what is geocaching?” you need to know the various equipment essential for this activity.

Read on to find out the necessary equipment.

Geocache Containers – As pointed out, these are containers in which the hidden treasures are placed.

They come in different sizes, shapes, and difficulties are often hidden in both urban and rural settings.

GPS Receiver – It is essential to have a GPS receiver for your geocaching session since it makes it easy to know the way to go while searching for the geocaching containers.

Further, these receivers come in handy in telling you how close you are to a hidden treasure.

At the very least, GPS receivers provide the direction and the distance to the coordinates of a hidden treasure.

Topographical Map – This is another vital item that is useful in geocaching.

When exploring, you will need a topographical map of a geocache’s general location.

As good as it is, a GPS receiver would not tell you the topography of the area.

In such an activity, you need to know some of the physical features that are between you and the cache’s location.

This helps you avoid nasty surprises during the activity.

It is also essential to know the format in which the coordinated on the map are calculated.

Optional gadgets that you may opt to carry during a geocaching activity may include a compass, especially if your GPS receiver doesn’t have that feature.

It is also a good idea to carry special gear such as a snorkel mask or climbing boots, depending on the topography of the area.

This is advisable as most geocaches are hidden in clever and challenging locations.

Water should also be necessary since geocaching is like any other outdoor recreational activity.

Finding A Geocache

After answering the “what is geocaching?” question, it is now time to know how the game is played.

To get started, you need to create a free account on Geocaching.com or the Geocaching app to access the geocache locations near you.

The Geocaching app is the ultimate toolbox for geocaching regardless of your location.

After finding a geocache near you, open it and sign its logbook and set off for the search.

Use the necessary equipment to find the exact position of the geocache.

Upon finding the geocache, you may discover swag items such as key chains.

The general rule of the game is that if you take something, you are supposed to leave an item of the same or greater value.

You should then place the geocache container exactly where and how you found it.

You can later share your experience with the geocaching community on the various online platforms.

Geocaching refers to a worldwide recreational activity that involves searching for hidden treasures placed in geocache containers placed in different locations of the world.

Participants need the necessary equipment such as GPS receivers to help them locate the geocache containers.

The fun is in finding the geocache container and sharing the experience with the geocaching community.