How to Launch a Website the Right Way

Starting a website is one of the more exciting things that can be done online.

It provides an opportunity to get the word out about any product or service that may be offered.

In addition, many people use the new website as a sounding board, blogging about everything that is going on in their lives.

Since having a website is such a valuable resource, understanding how to launch a website can really make it a success.

One of the most important factors for starting a new website is to have a plan in place for the launch.

Everything should be written down in detail and perhaps even outlined on a day by day basis.

There is a lot of activity that takes place when a website is brand-new and it only gets busier as time goes by.

Having a plan in place at first is going to allow the website to take full advantage of any opportunity available.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that it is necessary to have absolutely everything perfect prior to the time that the website launches.

Although it is a good idea to have things in place so that it is operating smoothly, some of the finer details can be ironed out over the course of time.

  1. Set up a pre-launch¬†page. …
  2. Create at least 3-5 pieces of high-quality content. …
  3. Give your visitors a way to sign up for your email list. …
  4. Start networking with influencers in your field. …
  5. Set up online alerts for your blog name. …
  6. Start getting free links and publicity with HARO. …
  7. Upload an XML sitemap. …
  8. Learn the basics of SEO.

Even if web pages and blog posts are already uploaded, they can always be updated and in fact, Google loves updated content.

It is best to worry about having a workable website that is responsive and then jump right into the launch with both feet.

Watch video below – How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process

One of the pieces that are on the website should be viral content.

Of course, any web-page or blog post has the opportunity of going viral but some subjects and slants on subjects tend to lend themselves more to viral activity.

One option to consider is having the largest resource available on a popular topic within the niche.

Hold nothing back when it comes to producing this quality post. In addition, another type of popular post can be included, such as a roundup post that interviews various experts.

Some people to visit the website are going to be there and gone rather quickly but others may stick around for a while.

In either case, provide the opportunity to engage the visitor at a later time.

Many people use social media in order to engage those website visitors but having an email list is still the top resource for taking a website to the next level.

Have everything in place to gather email addresses from the very start.

Finally, when the big day arrives, every aboveboard method of contacting people about the launch should be utilized.

This could include email outreach, social media posting, pay per click marketing, social media advertising and in some cases, even local advertising and outreach.

When it is understood how to launch a website in the proper manner, things can go positive very quickly.

Having a plan in place and following through on that plan is the best thing that can be done in order to make it all happen.

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