The Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

The Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

Many people refer to green tea as the superfood of beverages.

It has been shown to help with everything from lowering the risk of many diseases to helping people lose weight.

Not all green teas are equal.

The best green tea for weight loss is a tea that has been freshly brewed and has no added sugar.

It’s also important that you stay away from processed and sugar foods and start adding more whole foods into your diet.

Simply drinking green tea will not be a quick fix for losing weight.

You have to eat healthier foods and get some exercise.

Green tea contains a certain group of fat-burning flavonoids known as catechins.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the major catechin that helps to burn fat cells.

Caffeine is also found in green tea which boosts the metabolism.

This will burn fat at a higher rate which means you will be burning more calories per day. Add this with some daily exercise and you will see the pounds start coming off.

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study which concluded that green tea helps to block fat absorption, reduces appetite, increases the burning of fat and calories, rids fat through the stool and suppresses new fat creation.

This helps you to lose weight and lowers your body fat.

What’s the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

You should always go for organic tea that free from toxic pesticides.

Many of the pesticides commonly found on tea and other foods will actually cause weight gain by interfering with insulin production which results in decreased fat burning by the body.

When you use tea that is not grown organically, the longer you brew it, the more toxins leach into the liquid

Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha green tea is the most powerful green tea to help with weight loss.

The leaves are ground into a powder and the powder is stirred into the water that you drink.

You get the highest concentration of EGCG and other healthy compounds from matcha tea.

Sencha Green Tea

This is the tea that most restaurants serve and is beloved by the people of Japan and China.

It has a delicate flavor with slight hints of pine and melon.

Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, make a cup of this delicious tea instead.

Green Tea Infused With Ginger

You can add some ginger root to your green tea add some extra flavor.

Both the green tea and the ginger are appetite suppressants that can keep you from snacking in between meals.

Ginger tea is slightly sweet with spicy undertones. Not only does it taste great but the aroma can help awaken and help you to focus.

Butter Tea

If you’ve had bulletproof coffee, then it’s almost the same except you use a blend of green tea, pu-erh tea and mate tea instead of coffee.

Blend in some ghee or MCT oil and you will get a smooth, rich flavor that gives you a delicious energy boost.

It fills you up without worry about gaining weight.

It’s the perfect drink if you are looking to add healthy fats into your daily diet.

The best teas are high-quality loose-leaf and powders.

They give you the most benefits because you are ingesting the entire tea leaf.

Always make sure that there aren’t any kinds of additives and preservatives that can actually cause weight gain.

When brewing your tea, be sure that you don’t use boiling water as that will make it bitter.

Drink between four to eight cups per day for the best results.

You can start replacing any type of sugary drink with green tea and soon your taste buds will adapt.

Soon, you will see the scale going down and you will start feeling better all over.

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