The Amazing Amazon Associates Program

The Amazon Associates Program began in 1996 and is recognized as one of the first and premier online affiliate marketing programs.

There is more than a 12 year track record with the Amazon Associates Program for helping website owners develop solutions to their marketing issues.

Amazon sellers, web developers and web owners can make additional money by advertising millions of used and new products from both and from its subsidiaries.

Some of the subsidiaries include Small and

Associates, such as bloggers and website owners, can create links where their customers can click through to purchase items from Amazon.

When a customer clicks on the link and purchases a product from Amazon then the associate will earn a referral fee.

Associates are encouraged to join this program because it is easy to use and free to join.

This program allows a customer the convenience of purchasing a product from a world renowned trusted website.

It makes purchases convenient and fast. The associate advertises particular products on their site and can earn as much as 10% in referral fees.

There are also other amazing Amazon retail leverages and promotions that create effective advertising features that will drive traffic to your website so that you can easily earn referrals.

Amazon will provide your website with simple tools that will allow you to link directly to from your website.

To enhance your website and add compelling content you can also add various links within the content or you can use the Native Shopping Ads which are located at the end of your content.

Simply browse and choose the specific product that you would like to put on your website and then follow the easy to get started instructions.

Whether your goal is to delight your visitors with an amazing yet unique presentation of Amazon content or to maximize earnings, you will find it extremely easy to build a link to

You will also be in control over each product that is displayed in a particular set of links.

The new Site Stripe is a feature that will allow you to build your associate link directly from the page itself.

As a customer yourself, you can use this shortcut to easily build a link while browsing.

The Product and Text Link will permit you to provide your customers with some information about a particular product.

It will allow you to build your own customized Text Links and Image and Text Links.

All of your links will have your associate tag number which means that you will be paid for any qualifying sales that come through the link. Y

ou can use Product Previews as a means of enhancing your Product Links.

Stylish graphical banners can also be used to link to

These banners come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes.

There are also many special graphic banners for special occasions and promotions such as “Mothers Day”, “Back to School”, and so forth.

These banners are easy to add to your website and you can earn a referral fee of up to 15%.